To use your comparable sales results in your feasibility, just simply follow the steps below:

1. Prepare your comparable sales search results. If you haven't tried the comparable sales results feature, please click the article link below: 

How do I find comparable sales on Stash v3?

2. Make sure to click the 'Save results' button to save your comparable sales results.

3. A dialogue box will appear requiring you to name your comparable sales results then click 'Saveonce done. 

4. To retrieve your saved comparable sales results, you may check it under 'My Comparables'. You may also click this to edit your saved comparable sales results. 

5. To create a feasibility study using your saved comparable sales results, click on 'FEASIBILITY'.

6. You may fill up the figures for Purchase Price and Retail Price per  block, using the comparable results you've saved by clicking on 'Populate from Comparable'.

7. A new dialogue box for the comparables list will appear and will ask you to select the comparables sales result that you want to use for your feasibility.

8. Select your preferred comparable sales result that you want to use for your feasibility study. 

Know more about the feasibility system of Stash, please click on the link below:

How do I use the feasibility system feature?

You may also create feasibility calculations for amalgamated blocks. To know more about this feature, check out the article below: 

How do I create a feasibility study for amalgamated blocks?

Happy Stashing!