It is very important to know some factors to consider when doing the developments of your target property. As well as getting a richer information for them. We've made this possible through our Planning Info section that gives you a few references where we've sourced our data.

        To know how you can check and view the zoning and minimum lot size in Stash, kindly follow the steps below for the detailed instructions. 

  1. Check on the property you wanted to look for by searching this either by Suburb or Address.

  1. Once you have clicked search, the property data will pop right away on the left hand side menu of the Stash page. Just simply look for  the 'Planning Info'

  1. Click on the 'Planning Info' to view the zoning and minimum lot size of the property as well as the references provided.

The zoning and minimum lot size of the property vary by State, Location, and Suburb as some areas may not have the zoning information available. It provides you with richer information about the property being searched. It also includes its references that will direct you to the local council through a different window. In some suburbs, there is just minimal information about its minimum lot size but still includes this in 'Planning Info'

Should you require further help, please e-mail us at or reach us through our live chat at and we will be happy to assist you.


Happy Stashing!