With Stash Property's new feature - Powerful Mail-house Integration, you may now print and send letters directly to the property owners from Stash Property in just one click at the comfort of your home. It was made possible through our partnership with CRM2Print! Let's get started! 

Print & Postage Services - Sending Letters via Mailhouse

  1. To print out your letter directly from Stash, proceed to the next page by clicking the ‘NEXT’ button on the upper right-hand corner of your Stash app. You will be routed to the Print Summary which gives you the quotation for the print and postage services. 

  2. Check the quotation then click 'PAY' button to proceed with the print job order.

Please check this article to learn more about preparing your letters in Stash v3: How do I print letters in Stash v3?

Other FAQs: 

Question 1: I cannot print & send a letter in Stash. I am receiving this error below:

Answer: Please be advised that you have to subscribe to any of our Stash Plus plans to start sending letters. To know more about Stash Pricing Plans, please click here

Question 2: I am currently subscribed to Stash and I cannot click Print & Send. How do I access this feature?

Answer: If you have already subscribed to Stash but you have a pending balance, the print & send letter feature will be suspended. Please reach out to support@stashproperty.com.au to settle your arrears. If you believe that your payment is up-to-date, please do let us know so we can assist you further.

Question 3: How much does it cost to send a letter? 

Answer: We charge $1.50 for print & postage for 1 single-sided page within Australia. Please note that we also charge a payment handling fee of 2.9% (based on the total amount) + 30c fixed fee.

Sample computation for 50 letters: 

Question 4: Is there a limit in mailing out letters?

Answer: Yes. Print & send letter feature is currently capped to 100 letters per day or 1000 letters a month. If you need a higher limit, please reach out to us at support@stashproperty.com.au so we can further assist you. Please note that all requests will be subject for approval. 

Question 5: How do I know when they get to the destination?

Answer: Your letters will be mailed within 2 business days of your order being placed. The delivery time is then dependent on the mail service in the country of delivery. Australia Post provides a guide of 2-6 business days for a standard letter.

Question 6: Where do my undelivered/return to sender letters go?

Answer: Our mail house provides a return mail management service - all undelivered letters are returned to our facility, and the record details are then emailed to the user advising of the return.

Question 7: Is it possible to use coloured envelopes?

Answer: Yes, it is possible but not via Stash integration. This would have to be a custom print job with a larger volume via CRM2Print or the mailhouse directly.

Question 8: How do I print letters in bulk?

Answer: Just simply go to your 'My Properties' tab and tick the checkboxes beside the property address you'd like to print. Once you've checked the boxes, click the 'Mail' button and it will redirect you to a page to select from the letter templates, customise the letters and print it in bulk.

Question 9: What's the size of the letter that we can make here?

Answer: A4 is the only format for now.

Question 10: Can we create a letter template with A5 paper size?

Answer: A5 is not yet supported.

Question 11: What type of paper are you using for the mail out?

Answer: The paper we're using for mail out is A4 plain white.

Any other questions? Feel free to reach us out at support@stashproperty.com.au or send us a message at app.stashproperty.com.au to connect with our live agents available. 

How do I print letters in Stash v3?