To view and set up Auto Reminders inside Stash, simply follow the below steps:

  1. Select your target property from the Stash page.

  2. Make sure to stash the property and select a status for it.

  1. You may add and customise your auto-reminder via status by clicking the three dots next to the mail icon to open the 'Status Management' pop up window.

  2. Once you have the Status Management window, it will display all available statuses. You can set automatic reminders by clicking on the colour next to the status itself then click the toggle button below the Months and Days to enable the alert reminder.

  3. Once the automatic reminder is enabled, simply choose from Months or Days depending on your preference of how often you’d like to be reminded then click SAVE to save the reminder.

Note: You can choose how many months or days you would like to receive an alert, for a particular property.

  1. Be sure to click SAVE to finalise the reminder and any updates made on the status of the property.

  1. Look for the reminder bell icon. You will know if a property has a reminder attached to it as it will show a bell n icon next to the property under ‘My Properties’ or you may also view this through the Notification icon itself.

  1. Reviewing properties. You can review properties attached to a reminder by simply clicking the notification icon. You can also set additional reminders if necessary and edit reminders on multiple properties at the same time, if you’d like to update their status in bulk, updating tags, or sending a letter to the properties selected.

Why effective follow-up reminders are so important in property?

Stay focused on your property tasks, drive self-accountability and see results. With effective follow-up, you’re setting yourself up for greater success. 

Whether it is reminding yourself to collect or view specific property data or setting a future date to contact an owner, actioning follow up is crucial when it comes to real estate, but can also be nerve-wracking. That is why it is so important to set auto-reminders to ensure you take action within the timeline you’ve set. Think of it as keeping yourself accountable.

So, what are you waiting for? 

If you experience any difficulties in setting up or using your auto-reminders or have trouble with any of our features, please contact our Stash support team. 

We are always here to assist you in achieving your property goals and we’d love feedback on this new feature. We are constantly updating Stash to ensure it is as effective as possible and your feedback is a vital part of that. 

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Happy Stashing!