How do I print letters in Stash?

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With Stash, you may now:

  • Choose from 7 letter templates available;
  • Customise your own letters directly from Stash;
  • Save your own letter templates; 
  • Print letters (individually or in bulk) directly. 

You can do this by following the steps below:

1. Go to your target property.

2. Click the ‘STASH TO MY PROPERTIESbutton to save it to your Stash account.

Note: The system will automatically set the default status for the property which you may change later on to your preferred status. To change the default status, simply click the arrow next to the status of the property then select from any of the statuses from the dropdown (e.g. To be investigated, Qualified, Feasibility, etc.).

3. If you have access to the owner's info, click the 'pencil' icon. The Owner Details window will pop up with the owner's name and address. You may update the information by adding the owner's name and address to their designated fields. Make sure to click the 'Update' button to save information. This will be used in your letters.

4. To send a letter to the property owner, click the 'SEND TO PRINT LIST' button at the bottom part of Property Details to add this to your mail campaign. You can keep on adding the properties you want to send letters to by repeating the instructions above. These properties will be added to your Print List. 

Print List & Creating Campaign

1. Once you're done adding the properties, go to your Print List by clicking the 'print' icon on the upper right-hand of your Stash page, then click the 'Create Campaign' button.

2. You may edit the campaign name for your future reference, click the 'check' icon to save changes, then proceed to the next step by clicking the 'NEXT' button.

Using Letterheads

Letterheads make your letter look more professional. Letterheads are placed in the background so you will need to adjust the content accordingly.

  1. Upload PDF - Click the Upload PDF button.
  2. Select File - Choose your PDF from file explorer and confirm your selection. 
    Note: The letterhead must be in PDF format. Make sure that your letterhead document is size A4 if you're using our print & postage services.

Choose Letterhead - Click the checkbox to select and de-select the letterhead to be included with the print.

Using Letter Templates 

Templates allow you to quickly populate often used content into your template. Populating from template will replace your current content.

  1. Select Template - Click the dropdown to view and select template.
  2. Edit letter content - Click on the content editor and begin typing.
  3. Manage Templates - Click ... menu and save / rename / delete templates.

Using Placeholders

Using placeholders is optional. You can use it to dynamically replace your contact's information or date. Field values come from your imported data.

  1. Adding Placeholders - Place the cursor in your letter where you want the placeholder. Click on the placeholder of your choice.
  2. Preview mode - Toggle button will provide a preview of the letter with all the placeholders filled in.
  3. Verify letters - In preview mode click on left and right arrows will navigate through campaign pages and view content. Clicking 'Download PDF' will download a copy of the campaign in PDF format.

    Note: If you would like to send the letters yourself, you may use the downloaded PDF file of the letters you've generated, and then print it directly from your device.

Print & Postage Services - Sending Letters via Mailhouse

  1. To print out your letter directly from Stash, proceed to the next page by clicking the ‘NEXT’ button on the upper right-hand corner of your Stash app. You will be routed to the Print Summary which gives you the quotation for the print and postage services. 
  2. Check the quotation then click 'PAY' button to proceed with the print job order.


Print & Postage Services - Sending Bulk Letters via Mailhouse

  1. To print letters in bulksimply go to your 'My Properties'. You may filter the properties you wish to send letters to by selecting the status/tags/locality etc. Once done, click the tickbox to select the properties and to display the 'Mail' icon. Clicking the mail icon will add the properties to your Print List. Proceed in selecting the letter templates, customise the letters and print the letters in bulk by clicking the printer icon then create a new campaign for the contact lists selected.

To know more about finding the property owner's name, please check the article below: 

How do I find the property owner's name and address? 

To know more about sending your letters via Stash's mailhouse, please check the article below:

How do I mail out my letters with Stash Property?

Happy Stashing!


1) Price Finder data (owner names included) must not be used for direct marketing or be used in breach of privacy laws. 

For more information please see:

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