With Stash, you may now view the property owner's name and address! 

While Stash offers a national product, please be advised that we can only provide ownership details in selected states in Australia. Please refer to the table below for ownership details availability in Stash:

Ownership available details
Queensland (QLD)
Owner's name and mailing address
Western Australia (WA)
Owner's name only
New South Wales (NSW)
Owner's surname only and mailing address

As for the other states in Australia that were not mentioned in the above table, Stash Property cannot provide ownership details for these properties as Stash Property complies with strict legislative rules that do not permit direct mail addressed to the owner's name

Only Licensed Real Estate agents may access ownership info in VIC and all they have to do is coordinate directly with PriceFinder.

You may still send your Letter of Interest to the Property Owner by sending it to your target property address and in most cases, it will be redirected to the owner's address. If the property is currently rented,  in our experience, the tenants pass on all mail addressed to the landlord onto their property manager with a note to the Property Owner, "Confidential". 

You may also refer to the Occupancy Information available in Stash to know if the property is currently rented or the owner lives in your target property. This information is derived from the property's recent and past sales or rental data. Please see the screenshot below for your reference: 

Please be advised that the ownership details feature is available for users who availed of the Ownership Data plugin by PriceFinder. If you are a new Stash user and you are interested to proceed with your property finding journey in these states and access ownership information -- Queensland, Western Australia, and New South Wales, please subscribe through this link.

If you are a current subscriber and you would like to add the Ownership Data plugin, please go to your Billing Profile or click this link: app.stashproperty.com.au/billing.

Should you require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach us out at support@stashpropertyhelp.com.au

Happy Stashing! 

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1) Price Finder data (owner names included) must not be used for direct marketing or be used in breach of the privacy laws. 

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