How do I access ownership data in Stash?

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With Stash, accessing property ownership information has become incredibly quick and effortless! 

Access to ownership information is crucial for various purposes, including real estate transactions, due diligence, and property research. Previously, obtaining this data often involved complex procedures and manual searches through local records, resulting in significant time and effort. However, with the advent of digital technology and centralised databases, accessing ownership information through Stash has become more streamlined and efficient through its newest integration.

Yes, you heard it right! Stash takes great pride in unveiling its latest collaboration with National Property Data.


Having access to ownership information through National Property Data offers several advantages in property development. 

1. Accurate and Reliable Data:

  • National property data provides a centralized and reliable source of ownership information and ensures that the data is accurate, up-to-date, and standardized, reducing the chances of errors or discrepancies.

2. Comprehensive Ownership Details:

  • It provides comprehensive ownership details, including the names of property owners, their contact information, and property transaction history.

3. Easy Identification of Property Owners:

  • This is particularly useful for individuals or businesses looking to initiate collaborations, negotiate deals, or resolve any legal or administrative matters related to a property.

4. Verification of Property Ownership:

  • National property data acts as a reliable source and helps to confirm the legitimacy of property owners and ensures that individuals or organisations are dealing with the rightful owner. This is crucial in avoiding fraudulent activities, scams, or disputes related to property transactions.

5. Market Research and Analysis:

  • It enables individuals or organisations to conduct market research and analysis. This information helps in making informed decisions regarding real estate investments, developments, or business expansions.

6. Targeted Marketing and Outreach:

  • Ownership information allows businesses to segment their target audience based on property ownership criteria, such as property type, location, or ownership history. This enables them to tailor their marketing campaigns, reach out to potential customers directly, and generate leads more effectively.

7. Government and Regulatory Compliance:

  • National property data ensures transparency and accountability in property-related transactions, facilitating tax assessments, land-use planning, urban development, and regulatory enforcement. Access to ownership information helps government authorities and regulatory bodies in managing and monitoring property ownership, thereby promoting a fair and efficient real estate ecosystem.

8. Improved Decision-making:

  • The availability of ownership information through National Property Data enhances decision-making and provides a comprehensive understanding of property ownership dynamics, market trends, and demographic patterns, enabling stakeholders to make well-informed decisions aligned with their objectives and strategies.

Therefore, having ownership information through our newest integration - National Property Data - empowers developers with accurate, comprehensive, and timely data that enables targeted marketing, enhanced due diligence, informed decision-making, efficient project planning, compliance adherence, and effective portfolio management. It is a valuable resource that streamlines property development processes and contributes to the overall success of projects.


  • Where does National Property Data Group source its data?
    • National Property Group sources its data from a diverse range of channels. Their database incorporates Valuer General Sales records dating as far back as 1986, listing information from reputable Australian property portals and CRMs, agent listings, multiple Government providers, and various other reliable sources. The data is constantly updated in real-time, and third-party data undergoes updates twice a week to ensure accuracy and relevance.

  • How much does it cost?
    • You can obtain access to NPD for only $49 + GST per month, which allows you to retrieve property ownership and sales information in QLD, NSW, WA, as well as sales information in VIC and NT within the Stash platform. Moreover, the $90 + GST per month lets you enjoy the complete range of NPD services, including a direct link from Stash to NPD's platform.

  • How does it compare to other property data providers?
    • Good questions. Each property data provider offers unique benefits and features in their product experience, although they all utilise the same underlying Government VG data sources. To assess and compare them firsthand, we encourage you to activate the NPD plugin within Stash today. Our aim is to provide your with seamless connectivity with your preferred property data provider, allowing you to make an informed decision based on your own experience.

Please be advised that the ownership details feature is available for users who availed of the National Property Data plugin. If you are a new Stash user and you are interested to proceed with your property-finding journey in these states and accessing ownership information -- Queensland, Western Australia, and New South Wales, please subscribe through this link.

If you are a current subscriber and you would like to add the National Property Data plugin, please go to your Dashboard >  My Plugins > look for National Property Dataclick Add Plugin to proceedPlease note that you may do a trial version of the National Property Data plugin through Stash.

Should you require further assistance in adding the National Property Data plugin, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

Happy Stashing! 

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