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Modified on Sun, 12 Feb 2023 at 11:02 AM

Map Overlays are of great help in property development and must be taken into consideration as this gives you detailed data. You may also want to check the Key Map Overlays in Stash which gives you easy access to some restrictions when developing an area.

The 4 Key Map Overlays to check:

The heritage register is a list of properties and sites that have been designated as being of historical or cultural significance in Australia. By checking the heritage register, developers can learn more about the history of a property and any potential restrictions that may be in place to protect its historical value. 

Biodiversity datasets provide information on the presence of various species and habitats in the area, as well as any conservation efforts that may be in place. Developers should be aware of any protected species or habitats present on the property, as well as any regulations that may be in place to protect them.

Flood maps are an essential tool for assessing the potential flood risk of a property. These maps show areas that are at high risk of flooding and can help developers identify potential hazards and develop mitigation strategies.

Fire maps are another essential tool for assessing the potential fire risk of a property. These maps show areas that are at high risk of bushfire and can help developers identify potential hazards and develop mitigation strategies.

Other overlays available:
  • Zoning

Zoning overlay enables property developers to check how the local government regulates and develops land within its control. The zoning differs by suburb/area depending on how it is broken down into multiple categories to help balance the area when it comes to land use.

  • Boundaries

An overlay that helps developers define the extent of the legal limits of ownership on any parcel of land - individual boundaries separating parcels of subdivided land.

  • Dimensions

Dimensions provide the area and length measurements of the property. It gives property developers a visual of the property when referring to its size and proportions in physical space.

  • Comparable sales

Comparable sales allow you to compare similar properties in the current market (listings for up to 36 months) within a 2km radius. Each colored marker on the map corresponds to a specific time period which makes it easier for our users to identify the nearby sold properties. 

  • For sale

For Sale overlay is a powerful tool that allows property developers to see which properties are for sale with labels next to them. More data is provided by hovering the mouse on each property with the estimated price.

  • Proximity Circles

Proximity Circles feature, a new tool that helps property developers, investors and homebuyers easily understand the distance of points of interest or amenities from potential property development. This feature allows users to see the distance of amenities such as schools, hospitals, supermarkets, transportation, and more from a specific location.

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