With Stash v3 advanced tools, you can measure the following: 

  • Length of a boundary
  • Distance from shops, train stations
  • Area of the dwelling
  • Area of the subdivided lot 

To measure the distance of the property from shops, train stations, schools, hospitals, and other establishments, simply follow the steps below: 

1. Select your target property on the map.

2. Click the 'Draw Lines Toolon the upper right-hand corner of the Stash page.

3. Left-click to start drawing a line on the property you want to measure.

4. Double-click to finish and the measurement should appear on the top of the end line. Click Finish button once done.

5. You may also add a label to the measurement you've made.

(This is an example measurement of the distance of the property to the nearest school.)

5. Click the bin iconif you would like to delete the lines. You may select some presets or edit some attributes like adding a label to your measurement, changing its color, adjusting the width (m) and layer.

Happy stashing!