Stash now has its new look with new features added. More rich and up to date information with easy access in finding great deals in no time.

Check out our available Stash Pricing Plans:

Renovators (COMING SOON)

  • Best for individuals looking to find the next flip using search and advanced mapping tools for remote inspections.
  • Includes Essential Stash Access

Property Investors - Starts at $199/month + GST

  • Perfect for investors and buyers agents searching for properties in bulk and looking to acquire, option or develop using just one platform.
  • Includes:
        ✔️ Essential Stash Access
        ✔️ Custom Checklist Planner
        ✔️️ Export Stashed Properties
        ✔️ On Market Deals (For Sale)  

Property Investors Advanced (COMING SOON)

  • Best for professionals that need advanced features and unlimited data to streamline their acquisition process and fill the pipeline with best opportunities.
  • Includes:
        ✔️ Essential Stash Access
        ✔️ Custom Checklist Planner
        ✔️ Export Stashed Properties
        ✔️ On Market Deals (For Sale)
        ✔️ VG Data + Owner names
        ✔️ Aerial Map Integration

*Packages are annual (12month) contracts. All prices exclude GST.

The Essential Stash Access includes the following features:

✔️ Finding off-market deals
✔️ Planning information (zones)
✔️ Zoning overlay and Layers
✔️ Google Street view
✔️ Links to relevant planning scheme schedules

✔️ Number of bedrooms and bathrooms

✔️ Previous sale price

✔️ Property boundaries and site dimensions

✔️ Minimum lot size information

✔️ Site area

✔️ Contours

✔️ Mailhouse integration

✔️ Apply search filters to find sites

✔️ Property boundaries layer

✔️ Max building helight layer

✔️ Save properties

✔️ Easy to use on mobile devices

✔️ Email, live chat support

✔️ Flood, Bushfire hazard

✔️ Occupancy info

✔️ Rental information

✔️ Rail lines

✔️ Points of interest

✔️ BoomScore

To get access to all of these perks and for the complete pricing plans, please check and visit

Happy Stashing!