Some property developers and real estate professionals are very keen on checking the history of properties especially for Sales History as this is one factor that they can use in their property development. 

This feature inside Stash allows you to check if the property is Rented or Sold in the past. You also have the details for the month and year as to when the property was rented or sold before. Are you now ready to take a tour and check this out inside Stash? Let's get started!

To view and check out the sales history in Stash 2.10.0, just simply follow the steps below for you to be guided:

1. Select your target property in Stash.

2. Click on 'Sales History' on the left side of your Stash page.

3. Once you click on Sales History, you will be directed to another page showing the Property History with the dates as to when the property was Rented or Sold.

4. By default, the page will display all property history (Rented and Sale history of the property) but if you wish to view the dates when it was rented or sold, you just have to select Rent or Sale to get this information.

This is definitely a great addition inside Stash, not just giving you the chance to check the purchase price for a property but gives you a piece of information that can be used in generating your Feasibility study.

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Happy Stashing!