Property Development Report

    One great feature that already exists in Stash Property is the Property Development Report where it allows you to print a report at once that includes your feasibility study, comparable sales, its land area, purchase price and so on. But it does not stop there, there’s more! We’ve added another feature that will let you take a glance at how the property looks like way back years ago and have this printed out.

Multi View / Print With Advanced Aerial Maps

Wondering how your prospect property looked like years ago before it was developed? Bother no more because we’ve got that all sorted out for you. We’re very pleased to inform you that we’ve now released our new feature Multi - View/Print with Advanced Aerial Maps. This is a great feature that has been added in Stash Property where it allows you to view and print the property map history on a certain stage and see how the property changes over time.


Based on the example illustrations above, it showed the property history way back in May 2001 up to June 2020 and users got the option to differentiate it. It allows users who have access with aerial mapping plug-ins to print this out with no hassle. Way to go to try this for yourself and be amazed at what Stash has to offer! Not just this but there’s more to come.  

To check the Multi View and Print with Advanced Aerial Maps feature in Stash under Property Development Report, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the property that you wish to print the Property Development Report with.

  2. Click on the reports icon on the Stash page to view the Property Development Report.

  3. You will be redirected to the Property Development Window.

  1. Click on the tick box to view property map history and select a dropdown from the timeline on what certain stage you want the property to be viewed at.

  1. Click 'Print' on the upper right corner of your Stash app to print the Property Development Report.

  1. A print dialogue box will open and will ask you to select the destination, printer settings, etc. You may choose to save the report on your device as a PDF file. Just select Save as PDF on the Destination then click Save. You may also choose to print the report directly by selecting the printer device on the destination, then click the Print button. 

Should you require further help, please e-mail us at or reach us through our live chat at and we will be happy to assist you.


Happy Stashing!