You can now export your feasibility results from Stash!

Check out the quick video tutorial on how you can export your feasibility results: 

To export your feasibility results, follow these steps below: 

1. Select your target property. 

2. Click on your saved feasibility result that you want to export. You're saved feasibility results can be seen under 'Feasibility'

2. Under the 'Feasibility' section, select the feasibility study you'd like to export into a spreadsheet.


3. Click on the three-dotted horizontal icon then click 'Export to Spreadsheet' on the drop-down menu. The sheet will automatically be saved on your device.

4. You may edit the figures directly on the exported excel file. Please note that only yellow boxes can be modified. Kindly follow the notes and instructions on the excel file to get accurate results. 


Happy Stashing!