Check out this quick video tutorial below to learn how to use our feasibility calculator: 

To do the feasibility and determine the highest ROI of your target property with Stash, please follow the steps below: 

1. Select the target property that you want to study for feasibility and determine the highest ROI. 

2. Stash (save) the property. Please make sure that you have stashed the property before going to the next step. 

3. On the left part of your screen are the details of the property. Please scroll down on the bottom left side of your Stash app screen and look for the 'Feasibility'. 

4. Click on the 'Calculate' button on the Feasibility section. 

5. The feasibility feature will appear on the left side of your Stash app. Select the type of property from the drop-down arrow as seen on the screenshot below:

6. Enter the figures correctly and double-check your figures to get accurate results. Please note that all fields must not be blank. Hover on the  icon beside each line to see the description and help you in filling out the fields.

7. Notice how the figures of feasibility result changes, automatically computing the figures based on your preference. Click 'Show More' to see the complete computation of your feasibility results. 

7. Once you're satisfied with the feasibility results, click the 'ADD FEASIBILITY' button at the bottom. 

8. Please make sure that you have saved the property so you can retrieve your feasibility results easily. You may add another scenario and create another feasibility study for the same property. Just click the 'Feasibility' button again after saving your feasibility results. 

9. You may rename your saved feasibility results by clicking on the 'pencil icon' beside Design #__. Then type in your desired name for your feasibility result. Hit the 'SAVE TITLE' button once done. 

You may use your comparable sales results in filling up Retail Price per Subdivision: 

How do I use my comparable sales results in my feasibility?

You may also create feasibility calculations for amalgamated blocks. To know more about this feature, check out the article below: 

How do I create a feasibility study for amalgamated blocks?

Happy Stashing!