If you're looking for properties that are listed or for sale, you may probably go directly to the council and have it referred from there. Why go elsewhere? Stash has now the capability to provide you with those properties that are for sale through our 'For Sale' tickbox. 

Note: This feature will only be accessible to users who have added the Pricefinder plugin to their Stash account.

To find out if the property is for sale, follow these steps below: 

  1. After typing your desired Suburb, Zoning, and Area, click the 'Search' button. 
  2. Click an orange dot on the map of your target property. This should reveal the detailed property information on the left-hand side of the Stash page.
  3. The market status of the property is located beside the estimated price of the selected property. If the property is listed, you may click on the 'LISTED' button beside the property's estimated price and it will redirect you to another website, www.domain.com.au to know more about the property. Under the property's estimated price, you will see the property's last sold/listed date.

If the property is not listed/sold, it will show as 'SOLD'. You may click on 'SOLD' or 'Open in Domain' to know more about Property History and Pricing. You will be redirected to another website, www.domain.com.au

In just a glance at the map, you may also see which properties are for sale. On the right side of your Stash app, just tick the checkbox beside 'For Sale' and you'll see some green dots  on the map which indicate the properties for sale.

This is definitely the perfect function for you if you're looking for properties to be developed. We really love to hear from you on how this works on your end.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try and who knows, you'll be more pleased to search for other properties that are for sale in other states.

Happy Stashing!