Check out this video to learn how you can add unlimited tags in your stashed properties in Stash 2.10.0? 


To add tags in your stashed properties, follow these steps below: 

  1. Click on the orange dot of your target property.
  2. Click the 'STASH TO MY PROPERTIES' button. 
  3. You may edit the ‘Contact Name’ box, add 'Owner Phone', 'Owner Email', or simply leave it as is. 

 4. You may also select the ‘Status’ on the dropdown menu.

5. Type any tags you want under ‘Tags’ box. Once tags are added, your Stash account will remember this and will be stored so you can use this tag for the other properties. You may also click on the 'pencil' icon, which will enable you to manage your tags. Once you've added/edited tags, hit 'SAVE TAGS' button. 

6. Once you're done filling up the contact name, status, tags, and comments, hit 'SAVE'. 


Happy Stashing!

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