You can now view the different zonings on the map. 


Please watch the quick video tutorial below: 


One way or another, developing a property is somewhat a process. You may need to determine what zone the property belongs to. 

No worries at all! Stash can definitely provide you the Zoning in the area where the property belongs to. You can easily check and get access to this inside Stash. 

Here's a sample of the Stash map on a satellite view with its zoning and property boundaries. 

The complete zoning legend is as follows: 



To view this on your Stash app, simply toggle the boxes on the right side of your screen as seen below: 

By default, you can view properties in Satellite view. Just simply click on Map or Aerial (most recent) to change the mapping imagery. 

If you wish to get access to the recently updated aerial mapping imagery in Australia, you may avail of our Recent Aerial Maps plugin through Metromap for only $49/month + GST.  This is updated every 3 months in metro areas and you can check on recent developments in the area. 

Should you require further help on how to add this to your Stash account, please e-mail us at or reach us through our live chat at and we will be happy to assist you.

Happy Stashing!