Watch the quick video tutorial below on how to search for properties in Stash 2.10.0: 


Looking for your potential target property? We can definitely help you with that through our search engine inside Stash which gives you the results in no time. We do know that you're time is precious and every second counts. 

To search for properties, you may do this either by Suburb or by Address. The information in the app, particularly the properties presented covers all over Australia depending on the Suburb that you will enter in the Search field.

To search for properties by Suburb, you can make use of the Advanced Search option and follow the steps below on how to do this:

1. Log in to your Stash Property.

2. Select the 'Advanced Search' tab.

3. Enter the 'Suburb' you wish to search. It will appear as an orange bordered area.

4. Select the Zoning that you prefer. The selected zoning will appear as a blue outlined area.

5. Enter the 'Area' of the property that you are searching for based on your desired criteria.

4. Click on 'Search' to see its results. This is corresponded by orange dots, yellow dots, or green dots.

To search for properties by Address, just simply click on the 'Find Address' button and follow these steps to check it out:

1. Log in to your Stash Property.

2. Select the 'Find Address' tab.

3. Enter the address of the property that you wish to check.

4. Click on the 'Show on Map' button for the property to be displayed on the map.

The colored dots that correspond to your search results by suburb can be determined as follows:

                        Orange     = 100 - up properties

                  Yellow        =   10 - 99 properties

                  Green        =     1 - 9 properties

Should you require further help, please reach out to us at +617 4243 4600. You may also e-mail us at or reach us through our live chat at and we will be happy to assist you.

Happy Stashing!